Product Launch PR

Whether you have a new product that needs launching or an existing service that needs another push, then you must contact PR Agency One. Our product launch PR team can help.

PR launchYou might want creative and tactical ideas on how best to maximise your product launch PR, or perhaps you need long term strategic counsel on its positioning. The good news is that our consultants can help you achieve your objectives.

PR Agency One consultants look at product launch PR with major consideration given to how public relations can fit in as part of your wider marketing communications.

PR to launch a product or service

We go beyond the clichéd ‘product launch party’ or ‘media tour’ and delve deeper into what will really secure your product exposure.

What this means is that our consultants create strategies that play out just as effectively in advertising, direct marketing and digital channels as they would do through editorial.

PR launch events

Sometimes a PR launch needs an event to capture the imagination and attentions of the world media. These can taken as a roadshow, at a trade event or your own private dinner. Either way to ensure ROI, it needs to be carefully planned. That is where PR Agency One comes into its own.

To find out more about our PR consultancy offering please contact managing director James Crawford on 0161 871 9140 or email [email protected].

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