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If you’re looking for consumer tech PR to make your brand more visible’, have its attributes be known, and drive consideration and sales, then you’ll want to use the best technology PR agency you can get hold of because you’ll live or die by this decision.  That agency is PR Agency One.

At PR Agency One, we have an experienced team of PR professionals who specialise in consumer tech PR. Our team has developed and implemented PR campaigns for some of the biggest names in consumer technology over the past decade, helping them to build brand awareness, drive consideration and sales, and remain ahead of the competition.We understand that there is much more to PR than simply writing press releases.

That’s why we work with you to develop creative PR campaigns that are tailored specifically for your unique product or service. Our team of PR professionals will help you identify the best media outlets and craft stories that showcase the distinct attributes of your brand and its products, enabling it to stand out from its competitors.

We’ve PRed it all. Smartphones, tablets, wearable technology, home automation systems, games consoles, networking devices, virtual reality headsets, TVs and monitors, printers and scanners, speakers and headphones. Hell, even mobility scooters, air purifiers and LED lights.

Does your brand needs an expert consumer Tech PR agency. Look no further

Why? Because consumer tech has become a huge and competitive market across  retail, healthcare, transport, entertainment, sport and communications. Technology is no longer a sector, it is an enabler of our entire society. If you’re going to cut through the noise, capture imaginations and reach audiences hungry for your products, then only the best consumer tech PR agency will do.

Clients need to keep up with rapidly changing consumer technology trends and maintain a good level of consideration and desirability. It is also hard to establishing trust and credibility in a crowded marketplace, especially when a new tech feature or whole new product category seems to launch each week on unsuspecting consumers.

That is why PR Agency One is expect in developing PR strategies that meet the specific needs of tech savvy consumers and those who are less switched and just need sign posting through to the products and features that matter to them.

We offer this at scale within the UK and internationally via our international offering One Network.


New Consumer Technology PR for New Consumer Tech Products

We understand strategy is nothing without results.  We get outcomes for our clients through strategic positioning and sheer hard work and dedication. Be it for PR stunts, creative campaigns , social media or simply product placement PR we get coverage, clicks and sales. We know how to maximise the top tier of tech  events, and deliver regular PR support for events like CES.

We understand that tech funding journey. In the case of Push Doctor from $1.2 million in seed funding to $8.2m Series A funding to $26.1m in Series B funding – each stage driven by expertly strategised and deployed PR.

We also understand tech. We were born tech.  Our agency was built to service the growing demands of the tech industry, be they apps, software or appliances.

More than the traditional PR essentials of crafting compelling messages and campaigns we also bring a technologically forward thinking approach to our client service. Our PR teams offer media relations alongside the smartest content marketing, SEO, social media, website design, development, SEO/PR and the smartest analytics, measurement and attribution.

AND. Most important of all.

We drive organisational outcomes.  Award winning. Acclaimed.

A 22 strong team here to take your brand global.

Consumer Tech PR Campaign Measurement

At PR Agency One, consumer technology PR is a continuously evolving discipline. By staying ahead of industry trends, our team understands how to maximize the return on PR campaigns that target consumer tech audiences. This means that you can be sure that your PR campaign will deliver the highest ROI possible.

Our award-winning evaluation system, OneEval, offers total transparency on PR campaigns and their deliverables. This includes tracking outcomes such as downloads, enquiries and sales revenue that can be attributed directly to your PR campaign.

We also monitor key message delivery in editorial sources, share of voice compared to competitors, improvements in the number and position of key search terms (and, if needed, tracked against competitors), as well as branded search traffic to your domain (a KPI of brand awareness).

To ensure that PR Agency One is the best PR agency for consumer technology PR campaigns, we consistently strive to stay ahead of industry trends and use our evaluation system to measure success. Our commitment to success means you can trust PR Agency One to deliver the best PR results.

Empower your PR campaign with PR Agency One, and experience success today! Get in touch for more information.

Award Winning Consumer Technology PR

In an age of AR, AI, blockchain and IOT enabled consumer tech why take the risk in using a non specialist PR company?

Especially if there’s an award winning consumer tech PR company just a phone call away.

The business case for using a a PR generalist over a proven Consumer Tech PR specialist?

Trick question. There isn’t one.

Talk to us today. We’ll show you the many ways we can help you grow your business.

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