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Our fashion PR experts are highly skilled and passionate about the industry, keeping up to date with the latest news and trends from the fashion media on a daily basis.

The competitive world of fashion means a great PR agency is essential for any fashion brand wanting to make their mark. Whether that’s launching a new brand into the market, or managing a global multi-channel retail campaign.

Our fashion PR team develops creative campaigns to ensure your brand thrives, getting you noticed and ultimately driving sales and improving your bottom line.

Our PR Agency One team has the experience and know-how to ensure your fashion label stands out from the crowd. With deep insight into consumer behaviour, we craft PR strategies that are tailored to meet both current market needs and future trends.

From building relationships with key influencers to managing press releases, our PR solutions focus on driving awareness for your brand and taking it to the next level. Our PR strategies are designed to achieve maximum exposure, drive brand loyalty and build sustainable success for your fashion business. Let PR Agency One be your partner in PR excellence.

Choose an award winning Fashion PR company

At PR Agency One, we offer a team of award winning consumer PR professionals who will become an extension of your team and thrive on seeing your brand in fashion magazines on a regular basis.

Our digital PR expertise ensures our team works hard to secure press coverage, which not only builds a brand’s reputation, but also influences SEO and ultimately, sales – essential for ecommerce fashion businesses.

This, combined with many years of traditional PR experience means PR Agency One offers the very best of integrated fashion PR campaigns, to drive all important sales and support a multi-channel business operation.

We take a holistic approach to PR, ensuring that all elements of PR are integrated into our campaigns. Our PR experts have strong relationships with influential fashion and lifestyle outlets, so you can be sure your brand will be seen in the right places.

We understand how powerful digital PR can be for fashion brands; by combining traditional PR tactics with digital strategies we ensure you reach more potential customers and achieve greater success. PR Agency One is the PR agency of choice for many fashion brands, so contact us now to discuss how we can help you reach your PR goals.

Our innovative PR techniques are tailored specifically to the fashion industry, making sure that all campaigns effectively leverage your brand’s visibility. PR Agency One is committed to delivering PR results that drive sales, increase brand awareness, and enhance customer loyalty. Allow us to take your PR efforts to the next level; get in touch today for a free consultation on how we can make PR work for you.

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Fashion range launches and journalist reviews

.PR Agency one approaches launching new fashion ranges to the media by first networking and building relationships with key industry contacts. We reach out to top tier fashion titles such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ and Cosmopolitan in order to secure reviews for the brand.

We also seek out influencers and bloggers in the fashion industry to help spread the word about the new range and organise special events or photoshoots for our clients, helping them to gain exposure among media outlets and consumers alike. Through strategic PR campaigns, PR Agency One ensures that a new fashion line has maximum reach with target audiences.

PR Agency One can also create personalised PR strategies to promote new fashion lines, tailoring the approach depending on the target market. By doing so, our PR teams can ensure that they are targeting the right media outlets and influencers in order to reach their desired audience.

PR campaigns should be creative, engaging and informative in order to capture and maintain the attention of the media, and ultimately help to drive sales. PR Agency one uses its expertise to advise clients on how best to approach the launch and promotion of a new fashion range, ensuring that it stands out from the competition.

By leveraging relationships with top tier fashion titles such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan, PR Agency One ensures that new fashion ranges are seen by the right people and gain maximum exposure in the industry. Its PR teams help to build the reputation of our clients, establish credibility and make sure that their products remain at the forefront of public consciousness. PR agencies are a crucial part of launching a successful fashion range and can help to ensure its success in the market.

PR for Fashion

Our team has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion and retail, including Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, Nicky Clarke Electrical Products, The North Face, One4all, Silentnight Beds, Hasbro and The Mall Blackburn Shopping Centre.

Our Fashion PR skillset includes; multi-channel campaign management, trend prediction and campaign forward planning, product placement, consumer & trade press, regional press, crisis management, exposure to industry experts: Editors, Stylists, Celebrities and celebrity/brand ambassador management, corporate profiling, stunts, photo-calls, media range previews, trends/news reports, social media networking, online PR and marketing and issue management.

If you want coverage in the Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, and a very long tail of national consumer magazines, blogs and newspapers then PR Agency One is the team for you.

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