OneEval – Reputation Measurement

OneEval Reputation Measurement

More than just improving commercial returns, PR plays an essential role in improving people’s perception of your organisation. The perception of your brand and your reputation.

OneEval – Reputation: Award-Winning Reputation Measurement and Management

Predating and now incorporating an extended version of the AMEC Measurement Framework, OneEval – Reputation is our award-winning reputational tool that starts with a Reputation Audit to prioritise your PR and marketing then tells you both where and how you can tell your story better and the pressure that needs to be applied to positively influence perceptions. 

  • Are you visible? 
  • How strong is your signal? 
  • Are you known by the audience you want to reach?
  • Does that audience understand you for the things that you want to be known for?
  • Do you stand out? 
  • Does reality match your promise?

Use OneEval – Reputation to understand all of this.

Operational Improvements That Improve Your Reputation

More than just revealing the perception of your brand by drawing clear attention to ‘could do better’ performance OneEval – Reputation reveals important information on where your organisation can make operational improvements to products, services and people.  Ignorance is anything but bliss when it comes to business. Use OneEval – Reputation to shine a light on process and performance weaknesses.

Proven Reputational Success

Our award-winning methods are tried, tested and have been developed and refined over 8 years with OneEval – Reputation already delivering great results for some of the world’s leading brands. 

For Decathlon we created a custom-built version of OneEval Reputation to give them absolute transparency on how we were improving their brand awareness, in the way they measured it (“notoriety”). A managed service based on the AMEC framework.

After the first six months, the Reputation Tracker meant we could see how well we’re communicating and the impact of PR. This retrospective study allowed us to look back a whole year, including the six months before PR started and the first six months of the campaign, to see audience reach/message and to evaluate who our work was influencing and how influential it was. Was it the right influence? Could it be more effective? 

Scalable Reputation Measurement and Management

A flexible product, that we can develop alongside you to answer specific market and audience questions easy to apply Basic OneEval – Reputation is also available in Standard and Advanced versions.

Talk to us about how OneEval – Reputation can help you measure, research, report and evaluate the reputational impacts of PR.

Find out too about our specially developed tracking tool that can evidence the connection between pure reputation and business commercials. Your social signals tracked across your reputation framework.

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