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PR Agency One is a team of award winning PR professionals, with specialist experience of travel and destination PR.

Our team of Consumer PR consultants, publicists and digital experts have delivered award-winning public relations campaigns for some of the world’s best travel and destination companies – including CLC Word, Europe’s largest independent resort operator, Hangzhou Tourism and Discover Africa.

Not only are we recognised by our industry as the best – we are a previous winner of CIPR PR agency of the year – we are also a world leader in digital measurement, allowing clients a level of precision when evaluating our campaigns that few other agencies can equal.

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An award-winning travel PR agency

We can develop initial creative PR ideas and grow these into award-winning campaigns. At PR Agency One, we have our finger on the pulse of trends in the travel industry and know what it takes to ensure your destination gets the attention it deserves.

Our services span creative strategy, event management, news generation, brand building and if things go wrong, our crisis management team offers 24/7 support.  We have a dedicated insights and evaluation team that track brand, reputation and sales and all our teams are trained in both PR and analytics to ensure any digital or SEO PR elements of your campaign

We work with a wide range of travel companies including:

  • accommodation providers
  • travel agencies
  • tour operators
  • tourist boards
  • villa rentals and property companies
  • travel trade organisations. airlines
  • cruise companies
  • gap-year providers

Press trips and reviews

Our clients often use press trips to travel destinations to review hotels, spas or whole regions of countries as a way to promote their product or destination. Press trips can be incredibly beneficial for PR and marketing teams but also expensive if not planned correctly. That is why it is important for PR professionals to have extensive experience in organising these trips and being able to anticipate any potential problems.

When our PR experts are involved in the planning process, they can help ensure that press trips run smoothly and efficiently. They know the best practices for handling journalists and the best routes for them to take when visiting a certain destination, as well as what sorts of activities may be of interest to them. PR professionals also understand the importance of budgeting for press trips, to keep costs under control, so that PR teams can maximise their resources and time. It is also important to consider the environmental impact of press trips and ensure that sustainability practices are in place.

Overall, our PR teams need to be aware of all aspects of planning a successful press trip. PR teams should research and anticipate every possible scenario to make sure that press trips go off without a hitch while still providing journalists with an enriching experience. PR professionals should also be aware of the cost associated with press trips, including flights, hotels and meals, in order to create a budget that is realistic and affordable. With careful planning and experienced PR professionals, press trips can be a great way to promote destinations and products.

PR Agency One has extensive knowledge of press trips and how to plan them successfully in order to provide both PR firms and journalists with an informative and enjoyable experience. With careful planning and knowledge of best practices, we can ensure that press trips are beneficial for both PR and marketing teams and journalists alike.

Travel PR and e-commerce

Thanks to the internet destination and travel PR has been transformed. Our campaigns are omnichannel and support both ‘bricks and clicks’ businesses or pure-play online companies.  We put media relations at the heart of our campaigns and use our digital insights to ensure everything we do lands a knock out punch.

Most consumers these days spend weeks and months researching their days out and holidays, so Google is the place they turn to research their trip and validate the reputation of a travel company and to check prices.  Our team are experts in media relations and SEO PR, which they use to drive brand awareness, search engine visibility and social media engagement.  We have worked very hard over the years to demonstrate the link between travel PR and SEO and this approach has really paid dividends. Proving the ROI of PR is at the heart of what we do, which is why so many companies choose to work with us in the first place.

Travel trade PR agency services

The travel trade is a competitive B2B PR environment where specialist knowledge of the marketing and its workings are key to success.  Seasonality, consumer trends, emerging destinations and other external factors come into play so a strong reputation within the travel trade is vital.  This is where PR Agency One comes into its own: we seamlessly blend a consumer PR press office, B2B PR services and digital PR.

PR Agency One understands the nuances of travel PR, which is why we offer services for clients who operate in the travel trade. We understand that building a strong reputation amongst key influencers in the industry is essential to achieving success.

Our PR experts provide comprehensive approach to PR services, tailoring our strategy to meet our clients’ specific needs. We help position our clients as the go-to experts in their field, by targeting PR strategies that will create a buzz and engaging content.

At PR Agency One, we are well-equipped with the expertise to provide PR campaigns for travel companies that stand out from the competition. Our team of PR professionals can craft stories and messages which capture the attention of the travel trade, as well provide advice on how best to utilize PR activities for maximum impact.

We understand that PR campaigns can be complex and require a great deal of knowledge and understanding to navigate in an efficient way. PR Agency One’s team of PR professionals possess the necessary skills, experience and expertise to help our clients make the most of PR campaigns for their travel business. With PR Agency One, our clients can be confident that their PR campaigns will effectively reach their target market and have a positive impact on their travel business.

Public relations for destinations and tourist attractions

If you operate a great venue, visitor destination or tourist attraction you’ll need a world leading PR team working with you to ensure high levels of footfall and sales. PR Agency One are the destination PR experts.

Our expert team of consumer PRs have delivered award-winning PR campaigns for some of the UK’s best destinations.

The team will work with you to develop campaigns that will support your marketing calendar and shout about what makes your destination worth visiting.

If you need creative, targeted campaigns to drive traffic, footfall, supported with targeted PR coverage in national newspapers, consumer magazines and blogs then PR Agency One is the team for you.

If you want to find out more about our destination and travel PR offering, please fill out our Contact Us form or call on:

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