Charity PR

Charity PR is essential because in a world that is flooded with loud and complex messages, creating a powerful story to reach your audience can make a world of difference to your cause.

It can shine a light on the issues that affect people’s lives. It can mobilise support to raise funds and spread the word beyond your supporters. And it opens doors to the policymakers who can make a lasting change.

Charity PR to raise profile and funds

Our third sector team can help you to make that difference.

We have decades of experience creating insightful media campaigns that gain airtime on BBC Breakfast and Sky News, grab headlines in the tabloids, and then get people talking on social media.

Charity PR can help you to reach people and enable them to see how their donations and their actions can create lasting change.

Having the support of a team of experts in charity PR can rejuvenate your message, give you access to a new audience and bolster your in-house campaign and lobbying teams.

At PR Agency One, we believe that successful PR for charities needs to embrace digital marketing as well as traditional PR tactics.

We can help your social enterprise create powerful, innovative promotions that reach consumers.

Social media campaigns

We’ll work with you to create social media campaigns that bring you closer to your audience. We’ll help you create blogs and Twitter campaigns that actively voice your message to the media.

We’ll develop and manage your SEO strategy, creating content to keep users finding and returning to your site. We’ll build links and make sure you’re a prominent voice in your field.

Building reputation in the third sector

As well as raising awareness about your charity and your campaigns, we can manage and protect your reputation both online and offline.

Our unique reputation tracker enables us to measure and track the reputation of non-profit organisations among their key audience groups. This enables organisations to see the current reputation they hold, how it compares to that of their competitors and to track the impact of PR campaigns, as well as other events or issues.

Our crisis team can identify potential risks for your non-profit organisation and put in place a robust plan to counter any negative media coverage that could cause long-term damage to your brand.

We also provide reputation coaching for teams and leaders – helping charitable organisations to make the changes required to address areas where reputation is weakest.

To find out how PR Agency one’s specialist charity team can build awareness and protect your reputation, contact James Crawford on:

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