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Is your brand not getting enough media coverage on TV and Radio?  The chances are that you are not alone. Most PR agencies are great at getting national print or online coverage, but many fall short at earning high quality TV and radio coverage. PR agencies are not always broadcast PR specialists – unlike us here at PR Agency One.

What is broadcast PR?

Broadcast PR is media relations designed to secure a company, product, brand or spokesperson coverage on TV and radio. Specialist broadcast PR agencies like PR Agency One devise creative ways to muscle in on airtime and ensure clients’ messages get through to an engaged audience. Broadcast PR is an important tactic in consumer or corporate PR.

Why is broadcast PR important? Do I really need a specialist TV PR agency?

According to RAJAR, the average listener listens to more than 20 hours of radio every week, and according to BARB we spend four hours a day watching television too. With audience numbers so great, it makes sense to maximise your brand’s visibility via broadcast media.

How is PR for TV and radio different to standard media relations?

As time served experts in PR for TV and radio, we’ve devised countless creative, imaginative and topical stories for broadcast media. You can’t just send a press release to a TV channel or radio station, because their needs are totally different to that of a print journalist. This means thinking differently and telling your brand’s story in different ways, and thought needs to be given to location, spokespeople and data.

A good spokesperson is key to securing TV and radio coverage

As experts in broadcast media relations, PR Agency One understands the value of good spokespeople, because the fact of the matter is that spokespeople are key to securing TV and radio coverage. This can mean having a well-trained company expert who can be the face and name of the brand, but also working with third party spokespeople who can speak on the brand’s behalf.

While company spokespeople are often welcomed onto TV and radio stations, a third-party spokesperson is sometimes required. This is especially true for the BBC, who often avoid using company spokespeople so they can appear to remain more impartial. We’ve worked with celebrities such as TV personalities, futurologists, celebrity chefs, models, and famous TV doctors to help secure coverage for our clients and their brands. They not only help bring some impartiality, but also a sparkle and level of third party endorsement to engage and persuade listeners, and build trust.

Location, location, location

For TV coverage, image is everything. While it has become more normal to accept interviews over video call, typically broadcasters prefer spokespeople to be in the studio or on a relevant location that helps tell the story visually. Location is also very important for radio as most broadcasters prefer spokespeople to be interviewed from a radio studio, rather than over a video call or mobile, to ensure maximum quality of sound. For that reason we often hire out radio studios for our radio interviews, so the interviewee sounds like they are in the studio.

Product reviews and product placement

Of course, broadcast PR is not just interview based, often broadcasters want to call in products to test and review on air, or they need products to fill the sets of soap operas, reality TV shows and dramas. This is great news for brands, as their products can be presented to their target audience in a favourable light and products can earn that “as seen on TV” stamp of approval. At PR Agency One, we understand how to get your products on TV and into the right hands.

Radio days

One way to maximise impact of broadcast is to organise a radio day, where PR Agency One hires a radio studio for the day and organises back to back “down the line” radio interviews. A spokesperson is interviewed over broadcast quality technology to give the appearance of being in the studio.  These can be cost effective and a great way to maximise the expenditure on a celebrity or the free time available for your spokesperson.

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