Consumer Reputation Management

Our consumer reputation management services help organisations understand and respond to the reputation they hold with consumers, helping to build brands, grow sales and minimise risks. Appoint us and you’ll be in good company, our client list includes sports retailer Decathlon and online florist Serenata Flowers.

Reputation matters. Online reputation might be influenced by what people say about a brand online but a true reputation is formed in real life as the result of a wide range of different factors including:

  • Innovation is key in creating a positive reputation, through introducing new ideas that can benefit customers and/or the community; this could be as simple as revamping existing products or services to meet modern needs.
  • Financial performance reflects the overall health of a company, and looking after finances carefully can show potential customers or partners that the company is reliable.
  • Engagement with customers and other stakeholders is important; responding to feedback, listening to opinions, and building relationships can help create a strong reputation.
  • Effective products and services should be the focus of any company looking to build their reputation; creating reliable solutions for customers’ needs will help ensure that the brand reputations stands out from competitors.
  • Corporate citizenship can also be an effective PR tool, demonstrating to stakeholders that a company cares about its environment and community. Being seen as a responsible business is vital for building trust in the brand.
  • Being a good employer is another factor for reputation building; making sure employees are happy and supported will ensure a positive image of the company.
  • Quality of leadership is critical for reputation building. A company should have clear goals and strategies, and it is important for the leader to demonstrate these clearly in order to create a positive reputation.
  • Good governance is also essential for successful reputation management as it ensures that all activities within a company are managed responsibly and ethically. Having good governance in place provides an assurance that the company is adhering to standard procedures and ethical practices.

Often we find that brands fall down on one or more of the above criteria. For example, we often find brands that have a great product and are good at engaging with their audience and communicating their USP, but might be poor corporate citizens or have problems in other areas.

Perhaps a brand has a problem with its leadership and this is having a knock on effect for how the brand is perceived? Or maybe financial performance is a concern, despite being excellent in other areas? We see our role as custodian of these pillars of reputation – an agency that can measure and act on your behalf to fix problems.

For effective consumer reputation management you need a business that understands reputation in the round, both online and in real life. You need an consultancy that can tackle often technical online challenges, such as how to create a positive search engine results page but also a company to undertake a multichannel approach to complex communication channels, such as earned media (e.g. national media) and social media.

Tracking Consumer Reputation

Our award winning. AMEC aligned measurement and tracking tools make reputation visible, highlighting strengths and weaknesses and how perceptions differ between audience groups.

We can also track how customer experience and satisfaction affect reputation – highlighting what sets your brand apart and the potential frustrations that put reputation at risk.

These can be tracked over time (including retrospectively) to analyse reputation trends and the impact of events or issues.

Reputation can be benchmarked against competitors to show your position in the market, as well as looking at differences between countries.

These insights are then used to help shape and evaluate PR, marketing and digital campaigns designed to enhance reputation; giving clients a competitive edge by focusing directly on improving their standing with consumers.

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