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Successful reputation management increases the value of businesses and brands, as well as helping operations run more smoothly.

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From FTSE 100 companies to starts-ups, we help organisations to become stronger and more sustainable by managing their reputation as an asset.

Reputation, as defined by the public relations industry, is the public perception of an organisation’s values and behaviours. It encompasses how an organisation is perceived in terms of its competence, trustworthiness, reliability, and other qualities that influence its overall standing in society.

Reputation can be built over time through positive actions and communication strategies or it can be tarnished quickly due to negative experiences or unfavourable press coverage. Therefore, maintaining a good reputation is essential for organisations looking to secure their place in the market and build successful relationships with stakeholders.

To achieve this goal, many companies have taken to developing comprehensive PR and social media campaigns that seek to enhance their reputation and foster strong connections with customers and other key audience groups. They often appoint public relations agency like us to guide them through the process, helping build out strategies and measure the impact of their work. By doing so, they are able to demonstrate their commitment to ethical behaviour and show that they are worthy of trust and respect. This can lead to increased brand loyalty, improved customer relationships, and a stronger market presence overall.

A unique approach to the management and building of reputation

We undertake campaigns to manage and build reputation. These might be consumer, B2B or corporate campaigns and they might focus on online reputation issues or via good old fashioned media relations, but regardless of their focus and objective, we undertake all our work based on insight and a process of continual improvement.

We measure and track reputation, allowing organisations to see the current reputation they hold, how it compares to that of their competitors and track the impact of PR campaigns, as well as other events or issues.

We measure against the eight key building blocks of reputation:

1. Authenticity: Being genuine in your communication with stakeholders can help build trust and credibility.

2. Transparency: Keeping clear records and providing timely updates about relevant topics can help earn respect from your publics.

3. Quality: Ensuring that all PR materials produced are accurate, consistent and professional will reflect positively on your organisation’s image.

4. Responsiveness: Staying alert to both positive and negative feedback, responding promptly to queries or complaints in a polite manner helps foster strong relationships.

5. Consistency: Maintaining consistent PR activities and messaging will ensure that your organisation is visible and memorable in the minds of its key audiences.

6. Engagement: Proactive engagement with stakeholders, through PR initiatives such as social media campaigns or organisational events helps to create an ongoing dialogue that builds trust and enhances reputation.

7. Innovation: Thinking outside of the box by looking for new ways to engage with publics can help increase visibility and generate interest in your PR efforts.

8. Adaptability: The PR landscape is ever-evolving so it’s important to be flexible and adaptable in order to remain ahead of industry trends.

We provide reputation coaching for teams and leaders – helping organisations to make the changes required to address areas where reputation is weakest.

We build a better reputation amongst external audiences, using our understanding of what is driving reputation for each market and stakeholder, to maximise the impact of our work.

Our approach can be applied across whole organisations or to specific issues or markets, from corporate reputation strategy to campaigns for specific brands or products.

We can work reactively to help with crisis management, or proactively to provide ongoing tracking and support.

We can help address reputation amongst specific audiences, both internal and external, helping support reputation at times of change such as mergers and acquisitions, or when trying to expand into new markets.

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Brands and Reputation

Along with award-winning PR, social media and online marketing services, we provide all our clients with detailed insight into how their brands are perceived by existing and potential customers. This includes competitor comparisons and reports showing how reputation is affected by specific issues or campaigns.  We do this for a wide range of sectors, including:

In-depth insight into brand perceptions

Our analysis goes beyond simple trust scores or customer satisfaction ratings, looking at all the factors shaping brand reputation.

We can also measure brand perception among internal audiences, helping to identify opportunities to improve advocacy, motivation and customer relationships.

We work with clients to use these insights to build reputation:

Coaching and training – working with organisations to positively change customer service and product development.

Communications strategy, stakeholder engagement and media relations – maximising the effectiveness and impact of PR, marketing and digital campaigns.

We can analyse

  • How brands perform on the key attributes of reputation that matter most to consumers.
  • Issues affecting customer experience and trends over time.
  • The emotional response of consumers to brands – providing deeper insights that simple sentiment reporting.
  • Look at historical trends going back up to five years.
  • Detailed competitor analysis.
  • Tracking trust and potential risks to brand reputation.
  • Social media analysis to examine customer conversation.
  • International analysis, showing how brand perceptions differ globally.

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