Sky’s Kay Burley and RMT Union’s General Secretary Mick Lynch Media Interview

Yesterday, everyone was talking about Mick Lynch’s pugnacious yet charming interview style during several interviews with Piers Morgan, Richard Madeley and a host of other media outlets.

As the General Secretary he is media trained to handle media interviews and to answer questions about striking railway workers bringing tramlines to a standstill as part of the negotiator to increase salaries for its members.

We’ve had debates about adding this interview to our bad media interviews blog post. The interview divides opinion. There are many who are hero worshipping Mick and clearly it is a very impressive performance. While some say this is bad journalistic technique from the usually impressive Kay Burley, others say, that Mick’s interview technique is a little unprofessional and it could have blown up in his face.

Generally speaking sentiment around Mick Lynch has been positive. Rather than subjecting you to my own opinion, I thought my old friend and business contact Mark Solomons summed it up rather nicely in the Spectator.

For those backing Mr Lynch it must be pointed out that he currently has the backing of public opinion. As we know, public opinion can swing quite rapidly from one extreme to the other. Once he is out of the honeymoon period, will the tables turn? Will the establishment find a way to undermine him by digging into his past or his character? Or will he continue his affable, charming but well informed media interviews, helping settle this dispute in favour of his members?

We are all waiting for the next instalment of the Mick Lynch show.

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