Should Instagram’s new Threads platform be part of my social media and PR strategy?

Did the world need a new social media platform? Apparently so. Threads is Instragram’s answer to Twitter, a short-form text-based social media platform.

It’s yet to be seen if Threads will be a flash in the pan, like audio-based Clubhouse, or if Zuck and his merry team at Meta have created a new platform that stands the test of time. The platform is LinkedIn to Instagram so if you already have an account there it’s remarkably easy to sign up to Threads too, but the two platforms as separate, for now at least.

Mark Zuckerberg announced that Threads reached the 10 million signups milestone within seven hours of launch. 5 million people had already signed up four hours after Meta officially released Threads on 6 July 2023.

Threads has a character limit of 500 numbers, letter and symbols, however, longer posts can be created by stringing together multiple posts into a thread. Clever.

Should Threads be part of my social media strategy?

In short yes. While the platform is still in its early stages there are many benefits to being an early adopter whether it’s via a personal or a business account.

Your audience may not yet have claimed their accounts and usernames, however, there’s an opportunity to find new followers, customers and advocates.

During the early stages of a platform, there are often fewer restrictions and the algorithm hasn’t yet been tinkered with yet. This means there’s a good chance lots of people will see your organic posts to begin with. It’s all part of growing the platform and audience. Threads and every social media channel fall under the shared media category of the PESO mix.

As it stands you can only post organic content to the platform, there are no ads. So there’s no requirement for a paid social media strategy for this platform.

The first step is claiming your handle and populating your profile. It’s easy to do with a button letting you import your bio, profile picture and profile link straight from your Instagram account.

What are the benefits of being an early adopter of Threads?

Embracing a social media platform during the early days can bring about numerous advantages. For starters, being an early adopter allows you to venture into uncharted digital territory, where you can carve out your online presence and establish your unique identity before the platform becomes saturated with users.

This early entry offers an excellent opportunity to create a strong following, potentially paving the way for you to become an influencer or a respected voice within your chosen niche. Another aspect of being among the first users is the chance to connect and collaborate with fellow early adopters, fostering meaningful relationships and opening doors to potential partnerships. As the platform gains popularity, you’ll find your reach expanding and your exposure increasing, positioning yourself for exciting business and social prospects. Ultimately, embracing the early adoption of a social media platform, like Threads, can be an enjoyable journey that empowers you with influence, networking opportunities, and a strategic advantage in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

There are many examples of communities, businesses and ideas being born out of connections made on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Even the platforms and forums that came before them – MySpace, Bebo, Google+, the list is almost endless.

Plus, there are no ads on Threads (yet).

What content should I post to Threads?

It’s early days and there’s no data on what works best yet, however, as Threads is similar to Twitter it makes sense to use your existing Twitter content on the platform for ease. But before you do you’ll need to double check account handles you’re tagging, they may be different across the platforms. Also, Threads doesn’t currently use hashtags, so they will be redundant for the time being on this platform. Remove them from your Threads content plan.

If you have time, you and your social team can tailor specific content and posts for the new platform. The more relevant they are for the platform and your newfound audience the better they will perform in theory.

And the biggest question on everyone’s lips, “does Threads have an edit button?”. No, not yet. So double, in fact, triple-check your post before you publish or you’ll have to delete it and start again.

Understanding the Threads algorithm

Again, it’s still early days however social media platforms and algorithms often favour a few core principles: posting regularly (at least once a day), interacting with other people’s posts, engaging with comments left on your own posts, and sharing pictures and videos with your post. So we suggest ensuring these four elements are baked into your Threads content strategy.

Currently, Threads doesn’t use hashtags like other social media platforms and therefore doesn’t have a feature that allows users to search for specific hashtags, text or phrases.

Can I access Threads on desktop?

Threads is only available via iOS and Android app at the moment, posts can be read on the web however at the moment it is read-only. Once the platform opens up with a web version we expect another wave of users and third-party tools. Tools to find and develop your audience were a large contributor to Twitter’s early success.

How to go viral on Threads?

You’ll have to come back to us on this one. We’re keeping our eyes out for the best examples of using the platform and will share some at a later date. Watch this space!

Bored of Threads already? You’ll need to be careful if you’re considering deleting your account. As Threads is a Meta platform it is linked directly to your Instagram account, and deleting your Threads account means your Instagram account will be deleted too.

If you want to find out more about how PR Agency One can support your business with social media strategy and content, contact us.

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