The third sector usability online – who is hitting the mark?

This is just a short post to share a superbly authoritative piece of research undertaken by UX and accessibility consultancy Sigma. The report was an investigation into the user experience of some of the UK’s biggest not-for-profit websites.

The sheer level of detail explored by Sigma was highly commendable and they left no stone unturned. I won’t go over the findings here as I have blogged about them here at State of Digital and you can also read them in the report below.  However, if you have any interest in digital, UX, accessibility or the third sector then reading this report is a must.

As Sigma’s retained PR agency, we helped devise and shape the research, while the team are also continuing to secure press coverage based on the findings, in a wide range of titles, including eConsultancy, The Wall, UK Fundraising and Digital Marketing.


The third sector online experience – who’s hitting the mark? from James
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