Is the Wikileaks interview, erm, leaked?

Does anyone think it is ironic that the Colbert Report interview with director of Wikileaks Julian Assange is “not available in the UK”? (see image above) After all, Wikileaks main specialism is leaking content to the world…. Surely their ‘people’ can pull a few strings? Wikileaks is a revelation in investigative journalism and open information. […]

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Great debate on Reddit about ‘that’ @Wikileaks video

Wikileaks today went live with a video which appears to show the US military shooting two innocent journalists from Reuters and two chidren, along with many more civilians. The whole case has, according to Wikileaks, been covered up. (in fact it, was reported in 2007, but without – until now – little evidence). Since the […]

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Wikileaks gives lawyers a torrid time in latest Tiger twist

Today Wikileaks published a gagging order which tried to suppress the latest revelations in the Tiger Woods’ scandal. This blog is not interested in the morality at the heart of the Tiger Woods’ case. Tiger can have ten wives if he wants, plus another ten gay lovers, for all I care. What is interesting are […]

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