Fernando Rizo is the Head of Digital at a PR agency called Ketchum.  I met him today at a PRCA event and he talks a lot of sense.    I am sure he’ll correct me if I get the details wrong here, but he is the man behind a campaign in America which saw Stride […]

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Andy Crane and Gordon Burns to fight it out on Twitter

Andy Crane, presenter of Channel M news, (Manchester’s TV station) has competition for his crown as the North West media’s premier Twitter user.  Gordon Burns, who most Brits of a certain age will forever remember as THE host of the Krypton Factor, now anchors North West Tonight and today launched his Twitter feed with much […]

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Twitter is child’s play. Please play safely

I have been showing a newbie around Twitter today. The whole process of inducting someone to Twitter cracks me up every time. The look on his or her face as you explain how it works. The impression of incredulous horror the exude as I explain WHY I follow Andy Crane of all people (of Children’s […]

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