Watch the suffering in Haiti LIVE

Watch the devastation in Haiti on Google Earth, declared one tweet. Another told the world that those suffering from the earthquake were ‘reaching out to the world through social media.’ Everyone seemed so upset to see the destruction and suffering on Sky News, as they went about their daily business, but 24/7 news coverage and […]

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A few observations about French media

As usual I spent Christmas in France. While drinking the finest wines of humanity I also had plenty of time to think about their media. Here are four random observations and thoughts: 1 – The French have banned advertising – this is bad for the BBC The French government has banned advertising on their state […]

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It’s Christmas – The Top Twitter Feeds List 2009

Here is an over view of my top ten Twitter feeds of 2009. This is a completely arbitrary list of my own making and I welcome any suggestions of additions in the comments section of this blog. I might open this up and include more Twitter users, and as you can see I am undecided […]

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My self-hosting experience and advice (WordPress)

WordPress is, for me, the number one social media platform, and it is not just me that thinks this, according to recent reports. I took my blog ‘self-hosted’ this week, an action which coincided with a report in Techcrunch that highlighted a boom in blogging compared to micro-blogging. Personally I think Twitter is responsible for […]

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John Prescott is the Real Deal

Obama should become more like British politician John Prescott. In a week when Obama disclosed that he has never sent a tweet in his life, despite having over 2million followers, John Prescott’s web presence should be lauded. Like him or loath him, in a world where PR tries to control every message, Prescott is keeping […]

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Journalists on Twitter

Everyone will find this database of journalist ‘Twitterati’ useful. Following journalists on Twitter is a great way to keep up with the news and I use Twitter as an RSS news feed. I’m so reliant on Twitter that I rarely go directly to news sites these days – as my news is fed to me […]

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My favourite news curation sites

Curation of the news is one of the most exciting innovations on the internet.  The internet is an enlightening place to keep up to date with current affairs and news, but now with news curation sites we can access, sort, consume and share thousands of news sources from around the world.   Fernando Rizo, a […]

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Fernando Rizo is the Head of Digital at a PR agency called Ketchum.  I met him today at a PRCA event and he talks a lot of sense. I am sure he’ll correct me if I get the details wrong here, but he is the man behind a campaign in America which saw Stride Gum […]

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