They fought the media law, and the media law won

Could British Libel law be forcing British media out of business and creating a boom in blogs hosted by ISPs in countries which are not under UK court jurisdiction? This article in today’s Sunday Times about libel media law in the UK, and how it could force American publications out of the British market, is […]

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Internet advertising overtakes TV in the UK

The shift in power which now makes internet advertising a bigger revenue stream than from broadcast media has come quicker than I thought. The report seems very credible. Although I am always sceptical of ‘data’ from Newspaper Society and the Internet Advertising Bureau, this report seems to be an accurate picture. The fact that Britain […]

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Is the dilemma for any buyer of The Observer that the GMG could just start up a competing title?

Rumours (see link: which are circulating about the potential sale of The Observer got me thinking…  What would stop the GMG from launching ‘The Guardian on Sunday’ or another competing publication? I used to read the Observer purely because it was near-as-damn-it the “Sunday” version of the Guardian, but I had no loyalty to […]

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