How to Approach Covid-19 Communications | PR Tips and Advice

Covid-19 Comms

The effects of Covid-19 have plunged the majority of UK businesses into survival mode, almost overnight. Companies of all shapes and sizes are having to communicate complex messages to customers, staff and stakeholders; whether it’s relaying information around store closures, supply chain issues or explaining how services can be used to alleviate the strain of […]

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Media consumption data

Have you ever wondered what your media consumption says about you? Public Relations profesionals have lots of tools to provide insight these days. For example, with TGI Data and all the other metrics on media consumption, you can pretty much pinpoint a persons beliefs and behaviours. Or can you? When I next get a chance […]

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Freakonomics and PR

OK. Big intake of breath. I’m currently thinking about how Behaviourial Economics could be the saviour of PR (can I hear the sound of visitors clicking away…?) It wasn’t my original thought, the wise old Graham Lancaster – a top, top PR consultant -put the thought in my head. The thought instantly appealed to me […]

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