Foursquare for business?

This presentation focuses on what Foursquare can do for business. [slideshare id=2036238&doc=foursquare-for-businesses-v12-090921194537-phpapp02] Don’t be distracted by the game element of Foursquare (which is discussed in the early slides) which put me off it at first. Instead I’m focusing on what it can do for business. I think Foursquare will be big when it eventually launches […]

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The customer is always right

The Daily Telegraph, 5th Sept: Currys and PC World staff to be investigated after abusing customers on Facebook Around 3,000 people have become members of the Facebook discussion group in which past and present employees post messages about customers. Some of the discussion boards were titled “A******* customers!”, “Really Stupid Customers!” and “Some customers are […]

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