How to use Clubhouse as part of your PR strategy

With the rise of a new social media platform comes new opportunities for brands to ramp up their PR strategies. Clubhouse is a new social media app which is rooted in voice and audio communication. Unlike its visual or textual counterparts, all interaction on Clubhouse is voice-based and there are no written comments or messages […]

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Creating LinkedIn content for business

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business, designed to connect professionals with other individuals and organisations from across the globe. This makes it perfectly placed for B2B businesses to reach potential new clients, for companies to bolster their employer brand, and for individuals to build their own personal brand within their field. Social media is […]

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Social Search Ranking Factors, Who To Believe?

BrightonSEO panel says social media is an unimportant ranking factor… for now Is social media a ranking factor? At the Ask the Ex-Googlers Anything session at BrightonSEO, the consensus seemed to be ‘no’. When asked ‘how important is social media as a ranking factor?,’ Alfredo Pulvirenti, SEO Team Leader at StepStone Group, said ‘social media […]

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I hate social media

I hate the term ‘social media’ and I think we should kill it off once and for all. It is meaningless, confusing and doesn’t convey the real concept. Here are a few thoughts on the matter: 1. What we are really talking about is how we share information, not social media, whatever that meant. 2. […]

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Obama Suffers from the Weight of Great PR Expectations

Image: Por qué Obama es para más de 3 años y Michelle para más de 15?, originally uploaded by seretuaccidente. Is Obama suffering from raising the expectations of a nation? His campaign was heralded as an incredible success by the public relations industry, but were the American people expecting too much? Without a successful strategy […]

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Spelling with Flickr (Thx @kastner)

This tool is a fun little Flickr gizmo to brighten up even the most dull of blogs… In fact this gadget’s use doesn’t have to stop with blogs, you can use it for presentations, print, or just for fun. The tool is available here and was designed by @kastner You can type in a phrase […]

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PR and Social Media Links – 16 January

Here are a few links to interesting articles which I found this week Excellent Resources Help You Create Your Own Social Networking Site This is very geeky reading but there are some excellent tools, tips and plugins here for the digital and web savvy social media professional How To Rank Top In Google (Archived post) […]

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I like Cliqset ( @Cliqset )

Techcrunch made an interesting announcement today about Cliqset. I’m loving Cliqset ( and want to give it more love. I think if a developer creates a good client for it, (like Tweetdeck) then I could use it more and more and more. Without a client I think it is pretty damn good too, so give […]

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A few observations about French media

As usual I spent Christmas in France. While drinking the finest wines of humanity I also had plenty of time to think about their media. Here are four random observations and thoughts: 1 – The French have banned advertising – this is bad for the BBC The French government has banned advertising on their state […]

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Hewlett Packard Computers are Racist?

PR crisis communications is never dull. It is the part of the job that most public relations consultants love, because handling an issue can become a roller coaster ride and practitioners never know what type of crisis they might be presented with. Over the years I’ve worked on my fair share of crises – from […]

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