Useful resources about using SEO PR for link building

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A friend in digital marketing recently asked for a resource, or some insight, that would help PR professionals maximise their efforts along the lines of getting the site links and citations alongside their efforts.  Her aim was to point PR people in the right direction to help them do a better job at SEO PR. […]

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What is clickbait in 2018 and what does it mean for PRs?

What is clickbait? It has drastically changed the way news websites and social media feeds look – but what is clickbait, and what does it mean for PRs like us where media relations is so central? The Oxford English Dictionary defines clickbait as “content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to […]

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SEO PR Insights at Search Me

SEO PR Insights For Public Relations and Digital Pros from James Here are James Crawford’s  SEO PR Insights from ‘Search Me?’ (1 February 2013). My presentation will go live shortly. Search Me? is a beginners guide to search marketing for PR & marketing professionals and a one-day seminar with lunch that takes place at The […]

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