Manage Your Reputation Online

Managing your reputation online is a key skill as businesses become more social and personal privacy declines. When faced with a reputational issue, public relations professionals are of course a good place to turn. I originally set up my first blog because I couldn’t be found online (my name is too common), but after creating the […]

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Edelman Trust Barometer

2011 Edelman Trust Barometer: Global & Country Insights View more presentations from Edelman Digital. I meant to post the Edelman Trust Barometer earlier in the week but I’ve been busy. It’s a good read and self explanatory.

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Two tools to build and destroy reputation

Two sites came to my attention this week, which gives power to the social media mob, helping build and destroy reputations. The first site is, which allows users to rate and comment on brands. I can see this taking off given the ability to link to Twitter and Facebook. Campaigning groups will love this […]

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