PR Agency One Launch: What The Press Said

Nearly two weeks have passed since the official launch of my new Manchester PR agency.  We’ve had some great feedback from the Manchester PR community and excellent coverage on our exploits. Thanks to some recent new business wins we’ll hopefully be hitting the headlines again soon (more on that in the coming weeks…) How-Do covered […]

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How to Use Google+ – Top Tips For Beginners

Google+ has already come up with a number of clients, who have asked me basic questions about it.  So I found this presentation (see below), which contains everything you needed to know about Google+ but ‘were afraid to ask’. After the initial launch euphoria, many people have criticised Google+. I think it is a robust […]

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A Quick Case Study in Using PR Content for SEO

Econsultancy is undertaking an experiment to see what happens if its readers link to their latest internet marketing strategy paper, which is available for free on its website. I will be blogging more about this subject on the blog of my new Manchester PR agency, PR Agency One. The blog encourages its readers to link […]

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Chorlton and Didsbury Marketing, PR and Digital People

Are you a Marketing, PR or Digital professional living in Chorlton or Didsbury? If so then you probably should join this small LinkedIn community. The group, catchily called Chorlton and Manchester Marketing, PR and Digital People, has one single purpose: to help professionals in the area connect, share ideas and the odd drink. I don’t […]

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Measure PR messages with analytics

As a PR professional and content marketer, planning out keywords and messages is a big part of the day job. Get it right and public relations people can drive huge and relevant traffic to a site. Get it wrong and questions will be asked of your ability. This presentation outlines a really simple way to […]

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Seven of the Worst Media Interviews of All Time

These are seven of the worst media interviews of all time. (I’ve recently edited this post to add the seventh). As a public relations professional I often organise media training and these videos are classic examples of what can go wrong and why preparation counts. I’d love any suggestions for videos to add to this […]

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Getting more business-to-business (b2b) customers

This deck from Toronto-based B2B marketers Brain Rider is pretty simple. For me it outlines the value of PR in business to business marketing. Getting More B2B Customers – a quick guide to optimizing your sales and marketing pipeline View more presentations from BrainRider Knowledge Marketing Group. In response to the comment from Nolin I […]

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What is the best SEO secret that you know? PR of course

I just read this comment from Rand Fishkin, the CEO & Co-Founder of and it reads like the best advert for public relations ever. He’s basically saying his biggest SEO secret is public relations. He made the comment on Quora in response to the following question: ‘what is the best SEO secret that you […]

Read More opens up its curation offer is doing something interesting. Previously in beta test, the site could be used to curate tweets into bundles. The site was useful but very niche. What’s more I couldn’t see how in its current format it could aquire enough users to create a successful business model. However, the site’s latest development sounds much more […]

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