PR and Social Predictions for 2024 by PR Agency One

image showing pr and social predictions for 2024

As we stand on the threshold of 2024, the crystal balls are out in force, and the PR world is awash with predictions. It’s that time of the year when everyone, from the office intern to the seasoned analyst, turns into a soothsayer. Some will say it’s an exercise in futility, but let’s face it, […]

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Thank You Teacher Takeover: One4all Gift Cards’ Thank You Teacher Campaign Shines

At PR Agency One, we have mastered the art of transforming key calendar dates, influencer talent and media relations into extraordinary PR events. Our recent activation for One4all Gift Cards for their Thank You Teacher campaign perfectly exemplifies our expertise. By strategically blending influencer marketing, media relations, and insightful research, we brought this campaign to […]

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Why you need to do better if impressions are your only PR metric?

When it is time to measure the success of a public relations campaigns, impressions are often the first metric that practitioners lean on to demonstrate success. But is this really an accurate way to gauge the impact of PR? In this blog post, we’ll explore why impressions should not be your only focus when evaluating […]

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What is Integrated PR?


Integrated PR is the convergence of communications and brand content activations across paid, earned, shared and owned media (confused by this jargon, read more about the PESO model here).  Within our organisation, integrated PR and communications also involves the planning, execution and measurement of big, bold brand activations and it is central to making award […]

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What does a PR agency do?

What do PR Agencies Do?

Most people who work in PR get asked, “What does a PR agency do?” It’s a great question because there is no one right answer. There is the expert response and then there is the answer that we might explain to a family member, perhaps our mum. PR is a vast area that covers a […]

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Gerry Harvey makes light of Covid-19

Harvey Gerry

Wisdom doesn’t always come with age. Business leader, Gerry Harvey says, “It’s not the Spanish Flu…it’s a virus. There’s nothing to be scared of.”, in relation to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world.

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How to Approach Covid-19 Communications | PR Tips and Advice

Covid-19 Comms

The effects of Covid-19 have plunged the majority of UK businesses into survival mode, almost overnight. Companies of all shapes and sizes are having to communicate complex messages to customers, staff and stakeholders; whether it’s relaying information around store closures, supply chain issues or explaining how services can be used to alleviate the strain of […]

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Retool and pivot


Beer brand BrewDog, has created Punk Sanitiser. An alcoholic hand sanitiser by retooling its Scottish factory. The first batch has been sent to an Aberdeen hospital to help with the shortages in essential healthcare products.

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LVMH group to retool

fashion pr

High fashion group, LVMH announced it was to retool its perfume factories in France to make alcohol hand sanitiser, which has been in short supply for weeks.

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National Trust unlimited

National Trust PR

The National Trust is opening its gardens and parks for free during the coronavirus pandemic, allowing the nation to use open spaces to relax and refresh, while following the government’s social distancing guidance.

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