Posterous has added groups

Why is Posterous groups important? I’ve always loved Posterous and use it to post content just about everywhere, I adore the bookmarklet that allows you to cut content from other sites and I admire its simplicity. Posterous groups makes collaborating with clients, colleagues and family so much easier. I already have one client that uses […]

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John Prescott is the Real Deal

Obama should become more like British politician John Prescott. In a week when Obama disclosed that he has never sent a tweet in his life, despite having over 2million followers, John Prescott’s web presence should be lauded. Like him or loath him, in a world where PR tries to control every message, Prescott is keeping […]

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The Blog Paper, nearly a brilliant idea

The Blog Paper is a new online publication with a difference: it aims to print the best postings every month in a bona fide publication. It is very nearly a brilliant idea. I love its premise of taking the best content from the Blogosphere and turning it into a magazine. Some might say the concept […]

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