Public relations and the ‘inclusive’ World Cup

Public relations is all about targeting. Sometimes PR professionals chose online media for their campaigns, other times broadcast is a better channel to get a communications message across. In a recent PR post about online media and the world cup, it was suggested that FIFA has missed a trick with social media for this year’s […]

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Internet advertising overtakes TV in the UK

The shift in power which now makes internet advertising a bigger revenue stream than from broadcast media has come quicker than I thought. The report seems very credible. Although I am always sceptical of ‘data’ from Newspaper Society and the Internet Advertising Bureau, this report seems to be an accurate picture. The fact that Britain […]

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Twitter is child’s play. Please play safely

I have been showing a newbie around Twitter today. The whole process of inducting someone to Twitter cracks me up every time. The look on his or her face as you explain how it works. The impression of incredulous horror the exude as I explain WHY I follow Andy Crane of all people (of Children’s […]

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