Newser – my latest news curation tool of choice

Newser has recently come to my attention and is a news curation tool – or in other words, a user generated or edited take on what’s happening in the world. I have been banging on about curation to my colleagues and anyone who would care to listen for a long time and some people agree […]

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Facebook and News – is it that Important?

An interesting debate is rumbling about Facebook and its role in news. Some voices are evangelical about the social network, while others doubt why news organisations are putting Facebook at the heart of their digital strategy. Earlier this week, Techcrunch recently criticised US news agency Associated Press (AP) for diverting Twitter users to their Facebook […]

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Dear @CharltonBrooker, I do love your Newsswipe programme

Newsswipe is a satirical look at the media, from angry, shouty Guardian journalist, Charlie Brooker. This video is from the last series, therefore it’s “old news” but still amusing in the extreme. The new series is funnier still because it benefits from greater topicality. It’s on BBC4 at 10pm every Thursday. Sky Plus it!

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Contrary to popular belief, the regional news will never die. Not when there is a voracious appetite for hard hitting news. Just see this Pulitzer Prize winning example from the Dorking Advertiser: Dorking’s famous albino squirrel is dead Saturday, October 31, 2009 A much-loved white squirrel was killed after he was hit by a car […]

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Stephen Fry: editorial values vs trending topics

The curious point raised in my mind over the coverage of Stephen Fry’s decision to leave Twitter was concerning the level of coverage it received. In old media decisions are made over whether a story is newsworthy or not – or they should be anyway. This is an intellectual decision based on the editorial values […]

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My favourite news curation sites

Curation of the news is one of the most exciting innovations on the internet.  The internet is an enlightening place to keep up to date with current affairs and news, but now with news curation sites we can access, sort, consume and share thousands of news sources from around the world.   Fernando Rizo, a […]

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