38 of the Worst Media Interviews of All Time

30 of the Worst Media Interviews of All Time

We’ve decided to update our ‘worst media interviews of all time’ post.  Please suggest new additions as we plan to constantly update this thread. As a public relations agency, we often organise media training to help clients prepare for interviews both on and off camera. These videos illustrate classic examples of what can go wrong […]

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The limits of media training

We know that it pays to prepare for any media interview, and that it’s important to dress sharp when appearing in front of a camera. But all the media training in the world won’t stop Mother Nature doing her thing. To show you what we mean here’s a news interview you can chuckle at – and […]

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The Worst Broadcast Media Walk Outs

We’ve already showcased some infamous media interview blips in Worst Media Interviews of All Time. What about those occasions when an interviewee abruptly walks out, refusing to answer any more questions and dramatically terminating the interview? Media walk outs are the cardinal sin of broadcast interviews, and while certain celebrities might welcome the backlash of a […]

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Bad Media Interviews – Part Seven

Sometimes playing a straight bat to questions from the media just doesn’t work… Don’t believe me? Check out this example of pugnacious journalism from Irish broadcaster Vincent Browne vs an ECB spokesperson. This video has been added to my ‘Worst Media Interviews of All Time‘ blog post, which is worth a look for a seven […]

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Media Training Tips and Interview Fails

These are ten of the worst media interviews of all time and perfect examples to use as part of a media training programme. As part of our work here at PR Agency One, we often organise media training and these videos are classic examples of what can go wrong and why preparation counts. I’d love […]

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Vince Cable #fail

Politicians should be able to duck a tricky question, but Vince Cable made a gaff last night. At the North West IoD dinner Michael Taylor, Editor of North West Insider, asked Vince Cable about Regional Development Agencies – a potentially tricky subject. In his answer he said that he was ‘undecided’ if the RDAs should […]

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