The limits of media training

We know that it pays to prepare for any media interview, and that it’s important to dress sharp when appearing in front of a camera. But all the media training in the world won’t stop Mother Nature doing her thing. To show you what we mean here’s a news interview you can chuckle at – and […]

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Bad Media Interviews – Part Seven

Sometimes playing a straight bat to questions from the media just doesn’t work… Don’t believe me? Check out this example of pugnacious journalism from Irish broadcaster Vincent Browne vs an ECB spokesperson. This video has been added to my ‘Worst Media Interviews of All Time‘ blog post, which is worth a look for a seven […]

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Media Relations Tips for PR Trainees

I recently contributed to a blog post by Kelli Matthews, an experienced PR practitioner from the US. She crowdsourced comments via Twitter for a blog post aimed at PR graduates called Six Pieces of Media Relations Advice for the Newbies. My advice for graduates embarking on their first major media sell in was simple: “pick […]

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Ralph Lauren – the story continues

If you have read my blog recently you will have seen that I have been following the Ralph Lauren PR ‘crisis.’ Now it seems that things are going from bad to worse, with Boing Boing reporting that the model in question has been sacked: On the face of things the latest state of affairs […]

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Panorama vs Ryanair

An eye opening insight into Ryanair’s approach to Media Relations. The problem faced by Ryanair is that the company behaves like a challenger brand despite being the market leader.  That’s just plain arrogant.  In this email exchange it looks like Ryanair have gone the distance toe to toe with Panorama.  I’m saving my judgment until everyone has had […]

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