Have you eaten in Mo’s Chippy, Deansgate?

Mo’s Chippy on Deansgate holds a unique place in the folklore of the PR industry in Manchester. I want to see how deep this special feeling really goes. Knott Mill, where the chippy is based, is like a mini PR hive of industry. Like Media City will be one day. Mo, the boss, has been […]

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Question Time Censorship

My view is that we should let Mad Nick*, the far right nutter, appear on BBC’s Question Time. I might prove to be ill-informed, but I think censorship is pointless, even if Mad Nick’s views are abhorrent and disgusting. Let Mad Nick on Question Time and show himself up as the nutter he is. Hopefully […]

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Ralph Lauren’s PR crisis

Ralph Lauren and blog are today at each other’s throats over images used by the fashion brand showing a rather skinny looking model. The image, Boing Boing claims, has been touched up in photoshop and today on the blog another picture was published showing how a graphic designer had “unworked” the advert to show […]

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What is online coverage worth in £££?

Precise have the answer apparently.  See the press release at the end of this post. Most PR agencies have been trying to devise their own one-size-fits-all measurement system for online coverage. In the remarkably measurable world of the internet, putting a cash value on coverage has been nigh on impossible to do consistently, quickly and […]

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Andy Crane and Gordon Burns to fight it out on Twitter

Andy Crane, presenter of Channel M news, (Manchester’s TV station) has competition for his crown as the North West media’s premier Twitter user.  Gordon Burns, who most Brits of a certain age will forever remember as THE host of the Krypton Factor, now anchors North West Tonight and today launched his Twitter feed with much […]

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Is the dilemma for any buyer of The Observer that the GMG could just start up a competing title?

Rumours (see link: which are circulating about the potential sale of The Observer got me thinking…  What would stop the GMG from launching ‘The Guardian on Sunday’ or another competing publication? I used to read the Observer purely because it was near-as-damn-it the “Sunday” version of the Guardian, but I had no loyalty to […]

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