Effective Ways to Amplify Your PR Campaign

You’ve spent months brainstorming and planning your latest PR campaign, and it’s now finally time to show off all of your hard work – but how do you make sure a campaign lands with impact? Whilst unique and creative PR campaigns are great ways to show off your brand and grab people’s attention, there are […]

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Mass Photo Gathering Protest – Great PR #phnat

The demonstration yesterday in Trafalgar Square, London, against the ill-conceived anti-terrorism laws has resulted – ironically – in some really great images. The law aims gives police powers to ban photographers from taking pictures in public, as they could supposedly present a terrorism threat. Public relations and especially media relations are brought to life with […]

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Dear @CharltonBrooker, I do love your Newsswipe programme

Newsswipe is a satirical look at the media, from angry, shouty Guardian journalist, Charlie Brooker. This video is from the last series, therefore it’s “old news” but still amusing in the extreme. The new series is funnier still because it benefits from greater topicality. It’s on BBC4 at 10pm every Thursday. Sky Plus it!

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Obama Suffers from the Weight of Great PR Expectations

Image: Por qué Obama es para más de 3 años y Michelle para más de 15?, originally uploaded by seretuaccidente. Is Obama suffering from raising the expectations of a nation? His campaign was heralded as an incredible success by the public relations industry, but were the American people expecting too much? Without a successful strategy […]

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PR and Social Media Links – 16 January

Here are a few links to interesting articles which I found this week Excellent Resources Help You Create Your Own Social Networking Site This is very geeky reading but there are some excellent tools, tips and plugins here for the digital and web savvy social media professional How To Rank Top In Google (Archived post) […]

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Watch the suffering in Haiti LIVE

Watch the devastation in Haiti on Google Earth, declared one tweet. Another told the world that those suffering from the earthquake were ‘reaching out to the world through social media.’ Everyone seemed so upset to see the destruction and suffering on Sky News, as they went about their daily business, but 24/7 news coverage and […]

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Journalists on Twitter

Everyone will find this database of journalist ‘Twitterati’ useful. Following journalists on Twitter is a great way to keep up with the news and I use Twitter as an RSS news feed. I’m so reliant on Twitter that I rarely go directly to news sites these days – as my news is fed to me […]

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Stephen Fry: editorial values vs trending topics

The curious point raised in my mind over the coverage of Stephen Fry’s decision to leave Twitter was concerning the level of coverage it received. In old media decisions are made over whether a story is newsworthy or not – or they should be anyway. This is an intellectual decision based on the editorial values […]

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Football fans need a PR agency

The Football Association needs a PR campaign to show that hooliganism is no longer a big problem in England. The reason for my post is that this story of the Italian FA telling Capello that “Hooligan is an English word” annoyed me today. England has an issue with its reputation abroad, one that is no […]

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Should Journalists Blog?

We, on behalf of The Carphone Warehouse, are beginning to undertake a project to encourage journalists to blog. I’ve only been blogging for the past five months but have found the whole process very rewarding. Hopefully a few journalists will start blogging who never thought they would! They are better placed than me to come […]

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