How to Approach Covid-19 Communications | PR Tips and Advice

Covid-19 Comms

The effects of Covid-19 have plunged the majority of UK businesses into survival mode, almost overnight. Companies of all shapes and sizes are having to communicate complex messages to customers, staff and stakeholders; whether it’s relaying information around store closures, supply chain issues or explaining how services can be used to alleviate the strain of […]

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Six Interesting Links I Found This Week

Here are another six links to interesting internet nuggets and trivia, as shared  by your favourite Manchester-based PR agency: An interesting look at what ‘thought leaders’ believed exhibitions might have looked like now We really should enter the Golden Hedgehogs Obama turns to Tumblr A good pressie for beginners. What is newsworthy? Flow visualisation in Google […]

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PR and the Red Knights of Manchester United #mufc

PUBLIC RELATIONS – The proposed Red Knight takeover at United is an interesting story. United fans are hungry to depose the Glazer family and have organised a high profile ‘green and gold’ campaign to make their views known. As a United fan the idea of ensuring United are placed on a strong financial footing is […]

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PR Movers and Shakers – Helen Moore #Markettiers4DC

This post is the first in an occasional series, profiling movers and shakers within the PR industry – i.e. people I met along the way who I thought were talented people. Helen Moore is an all round good egg, who I have worked with on and off for years. Now she is Managing Director of […]

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PR and Social Media Links 13 Feb 10

My public relations links and tips of the week are below. 30 Twitter Hacks and Plugins to Spice Up Your WordPress Blog I’ve not put any of these Twitter hacks to the test on WordPress. I shall do soon. Some good ones. Facebook Largest News Reader? Facebook, the biggest source of news on the internet. […]

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Toyota Product Recall Google Ads

Toyota is using Google adverts to channel communication about their product recall. This screen shot was taken from What is different from other product recall advertisements is that this example is promoting Toyota’s news page on their site which is giving out the latest updates on the crisis. It could be an attempt to […]

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Google Social Search makes Networking Even More Important

I have been banging on about the importance of having a Google Profile for some time now, as it means that your blogs, images and other content can be profiled in your contacts’ Google Search results. For the past few months I’ve been asking colleagues and friends if they’d noticed their contacts’ social content (e.g. […]

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