Why didn’t John Terry take PR advice? #PR #publicrelations #mufc (Gratuitous opportunity to show Moscow penalty miss) The John Terry super injunction story is more proof that celebrities or organisations should turn to PR professionals and not lawyers when dealing with a media crisis. Only public relations professionals have the tools to ensure that a story such as this one can be kept under […]

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Liverpool ‘Crisis’ Star Deletes His Tweets #lfc

This morning it looked like Ryan Babel, the multimillion pound superstar footballer who plays for Liverpool FC had deleted his Twitter account after publicly criticising his manager, Rafa Benitez. The page was taken off line for a few hours and now has reappeared without the offending tweets. In fact there are no tweets older than […]

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Football fans need a PR agency

The Football Association needs a PR campaign to show that hooliganism is no longer a big problem in England. The reason for my post is that this story of the Italian FA telling Capello that “Hooligan is an English word” annoyed me today. England has an issue with its reputation abroad, one that is no […]

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