‘Newspapers from 1930s Contain Same Old Rubbish’ Shock

Have you ever wondered what the newspapers in the 1930s were like? Neither had I however, according to these pictures they contain a similar amount of made up rubbish, fictional health stories and sensational jibber jabber. Go and have a browse of the complete Flickr set if you get a chance. These are taken from […]

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Digital Media Handbook for Journalists

Whether you are a public relations professional, a journalist, or just downright nosy, this guide into digital media for journalists has some interesting findings and recommendations. It was created by the Society of Professional Journalists, which is an American organisation, so some of the content is irrelevant for Europeans. Society of Professional Journalists Digital Media […]

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Mass Photo Gathering Protest – Great PR #phnat

The demonstration yesterday in Trafalgar Square, London, against the ill-conceived anti-terrorism laws has resulted – ironically – in some really great images. The law aims gives police powers to ban photographers from taking pictures in public, as they could supposedly present a terrorism threat. Public relations and especially media relations are brought to life with […]

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PR Week interview with @gordonkelly

I thought this was a rather friendly look at the PR / journalist relationship. I’m going to phone Gordon now and see if he is still in a good mood. Update: The video mentioned used Flash, so we have removed the original post content. You can find more from Gordon Kelly here: Pitching to journalists with […]

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Is satire journalism?

I love MetaFilter as much for the blogs as the comments and debate the postings create. This blog (click here) discussing ‘whether satire is journalism’ is a case in point. Anyone who knows that satire goes back as far as the Ramesside period of ancient Egypt, is either really bloody clever or is a smug […]

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Should Journalists Blog?

We, on behalf of The Carphone Warehouse, are beginning to undertake a project to encourage journalists to blog. I’ve only been blogging for the past five months but have found the whole process very rewarding. Hopefully a few journalists will start blogging who never thought they would! They are better placed than me to come […]

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Panorama vs Ryanair

An eye opening insight into Ryanair’s approach to Media Relations. The problem faced by Ryanair is that the company behaves like a challenger brand despite being the market leader.  That’s just plain arrogant.  In this email exchange it looks like Ryanair have gone the distance toe to toe with Panorama.  I’m saving my judgment until everyone has had […]

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