Free online PE lessons

Joe Wicks The Body Coach PR

The man behind The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, will be bringing daily PE lessons to the nations living rooms via YouTube. Following national school closures Joe is on a mission to keep the UK’s children moving while they can’t be in the playground.

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Swine flu statisitics. It is all in the presentation

This is a great image. Not only does the graphic illustrate how panic and fear can cause us humans to become irrational, but also how a stunning and eye catching diagram can bring a story to life. Too often are fascinating statistics presented in uninteresting ways. If you can’t see the image well on screen […]

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Healthcare reform in the US makes great, erm, TV

Just when you thought the Americans were just like us Brits, you get a real shock to the system. The new healthcare reforms in the US, meaning everyone regardless of wealth can access care, are proving a sticky wicket for the president. The proposals are ‘communism by stealth’, will ‘put politicians in between the people […]

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