Social Search Ranking Factors, Who To Believe?

BrightonSEO panel says social media is an unimportant ranking factor… for now Is social media a ranking factor? At the Ask the Ex-Googlers Anything session at BrightonSEO, the consensus seemed to be ‘no’. When asked ‘how important is social media as a ranking factor?,’ Alfredo Pulvirenti, SEO Team Leader at StepStone Group, said ‘social media […]

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Google+ Cheat Sheet for Brands

Today we’ve posted this Google+ Cheat Sheet as part of our mini campaign devoted to revisiting the platform and seeing how brands can get best value from it. Earlier in the week we launched the European Directory of Shared Circles, which is a great way to share and discover new users and pages and this […]

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European List of Shared Google+ Circles

Add your Google+ shared circles by following the instructions below.  Simply fill out the form below to submit your circles.   Why?: We have decided to try and create an open directory of Google+ circles in the Europe.  Browse the database here via this link to a Google doc of European shared Google+ Circles.  Fig. […]

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Google+ Messenger versus Google + Hangouts

Google+ is reportedly struggling but amidst chatter of a failing platform is there anything interesting here for PR and Marketing professionals? The answer is, of course, yes. This week’s CommsChat  focused on Google+ and during the debate @jonclements and I got chatting and asked ourselves why Google+ wasn’t used for the online event. I suggested […]

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How to Use Google+ – Top Tips For Beginners

Google+ has already come up with a number of clients, who have asked me basic questions about it.  So I found this presentation (see below), which contains everything you needed to know about Google+ but ‘were afraid to ask’. After the initial launch euphoria, many people have criticised Google+. I think it is a robust […]

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Facebook and News – is it that Important?

An interesting debate is rumbling about Facebook and its role in news. Some voices are evangelical about the social network, while others doubt why news organisations are putting Facebook at the heart of their digital strategy. Earlier this week, Techcrunch recently criticised US news agency Associated Press (AP) for diverting Twitter users to their Facebook […]

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Google Goggles to revolutionise Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google Goggles takes SEO out of the hands digital communications and into that of the product designer or anyone involved in the built environment. The concept of functionality for a designer could in the future also mean consideration must be given to any design being recognisable by Google Goggles. A designer must no longer worry […]

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