Geolocation technology and crime

I have always said that the major reason to avoid geo-location technology such as Foursquare is that it advertises the fact that your house is probably empty and ripe for a visit from the local burglar. Most people get annoyed by Foursquare updates anyway, but actually Twitter and all sorts of social media can use […]

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Foursquare for business?

This presentation focuses on what Foursquare can do for business. [slideshare id=2036238&doc=foursquare-for-businesses-v12-090921194537-phpapp02] Don’t be distracted by the game element of Foursquare (which is discussed in the early slides) which put me off it at first. Instead I’m focusing on what it can do for business. I think Foursquare will be big when it eventually launches […]

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