PR and Social Media Links 23 January 2010

Here are some interesting links which I came across this week that will be coming to a public relations campaign near you soon! Seesmic Live Event – Seesmic I must find time to play with Seesmic again. The latest developments look of great use for PR people. Top Tools For Tracking Topics on the Web […]

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One Year On – Why Does Good News Not Make Headlines?

One year on, originally uploaded by ~aspidistra~. This photo was published on Flickr yesterday. It tells the sad story of Woolworths which closed down this time last year. (Time flies huh?) Today there was another story that was way down the media agenda and is currently about 8th or 9th on the BBC. It is […]

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Spelling with Flickr (Thx @kastner)

This tool is a fun little Flickr gizmo to brighten up even the most dull of blogs… In fact this gadget’s use doesn’t have to stop with blogs, you can use it for presentations, print, or just for fun. The tool is available here and was designed by @kastner You can type in a phrase […]

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A picture paints a thousand words

Earthquake in Haiti, originally uploaded by American Red Cross. Most of the time we consume our news via print, video or audio. However, sometimes a picture paints a thousand words. Being a media obsessive I like to see what else I can find about a story which has got my attention. This photo was found […]

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Swine flu statisitics. It is all in the presentation

This is a great image. Not only does the graphic illustrate how panic and fear can cause us humans to become irrational, but also how a stunning and eye catching diagram can bring a story to life. Too often are fascinating statistics presented in uninteresting ways. If you can’t see the image well on screen […]

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