Facebook and News – is it that Important?

An interesting debate is rumbling about Facebook and its role in news. Some voices are evangelical about the social network, while others doubt why news organisations are putting Facebook at the heart of their digital strategy. Earlier this week, Techcrunch recently criticised US news agency Associated Press (AP) for diverting Twitter users to their Facebook […]

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Fernando Rizo is the Head of Digital at a PR agency called Ketchum.  I met him today at a PRCA event and he talks a lot of sense. I am sure he’ll correct me if I get the details wrong here, but he is the man behind a campaign in America which saw Stride Gum […]

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The customer is always right

The Daily Telegraph, 5th Sept: Currys and PC World staff to be investigated after abusing customers on Facebook Around 3,000 people have become members of the Facebook discussion group in which past and present employees post messages about customers. Some of the discussion boards were titled “A******* customers!”, “Really Stupid Customers!” and “Some customers are […]

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