Why you need to do better if impressions are your only PR metric?

When it is time to measure the success of a public relations campaigns, impressions are often the first metric that practitioners lean on to demonstrate success. But is this really an accurate way to gauge the impact of PR? In this blog post, we’ll explore why impressions should not be your only focus when evaluating […]

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Media consumption data

Have you ever wondered what your media consumption says about you? Public Relations profesionals have lots of tools to provide insight these days. For example, with TGI Data and all the other metrics on media consumption, you can pretty much pinpoint a persons beliefs and behaviours. Or can you? When I next get a chance […]

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What is online coverage worth in £££?

Precise have the answer apparently.  See the press release at the end of this post. Most PR agencies have been trying to devise their own one-size-fits-all measurement system for online coverage. In the remarkably measurable world of the internet, putting a cash value on coverage has been nigh on impossible to do consistently, quickly and […]

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