Blog opens up its curation offer is doing something interesting. Previously in beta test, the site could be used to curate tweets into bundles. The site was useful but very niche. What’s more I couldn’t see how in its current format it could aquire enough users to create a successful business model. However, the site’s latest development sounds much more […]

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Today’s news curation tool of choice is…

It seems only yesterday since I was writing about news curation tools…. In fact it was yesterday when I wrote this post, but thanks to a helpful comment on the blog I have now found Newscred, a curation tool which allows users to build fairly bespoke news pages to read and share with the world. […]

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Newser – my latest news curation tool of choice

Newser has recently come to my attention and is a news curation tool – or in other words, a user generated or edited take on what’s happening in the world. I have been banging on about curation to my colleagues and anyone who would care to listen for a long time and some people agree […]

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My favourite news curation sites

Curation of the news is one of the most exciting innovations on the internet.  The internet is an enlightening place to keep up to date with current affairs and news, but now with news curation sites we can access, sort, consume and share thousands of news sources from around the world.   Fernando Rizo, a […]

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