Crisis? What Crisis? We want your crisis PR management tips

Crisis PR

Crisis PR management makes or breaks reputations. Get things right and you could win anything from a new-found respect to additional customers. Get things wrong and you could be looking at a basic loss of trust and a sense that you simply don’t know what you’re doing. As well as raising the profile of our […]

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Toyota Product Recall Google Ads

Toyota is using Google adverts to channel communication about their product recall. This screen shot was taken from What is different from other product recall advertisements is that this example is promoting Toyota’s news page on their site which is giving out the latest updates on the crisis. It could be an attempt to […]

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Hewlett Packard Computers are Racist?

PR crisis communications is never dull. It is the part of the job that most public relations consultants love, because handling an issue can become a roller coaster ride and practitioners never know what type of crisis they might be presented with. Over the years I’ve worked on my fair share of crises – from […]

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Wikileaks gives lawyers a torrid time in latest Tiger twist

Today Wikileaks published a gagging order which tried to suppress the latest revelations in the Tiger Woods’ scandal. This blog is not interested in the morality at the heart of the Tiger Woods’ case. Tiger can have ten wives if he wants, plus another ten gay lovers, for all I care. What is interesting are […]

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Ralph Lauren post: an update

I’ve been following the Ralph Lauren advertisement scandal and today on Boing Boing the following statement appeared: On Thursday, Polo Ralph Lauren released the following statement about the retouched ad: “For over 42 years we have built a brand based on quality and integrity. After further investigation, we have learned that we are responsible for the […]

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Ralph Lauren’s PR crisis

Ralph Lauren and blog are today at each other’s throats over images used by the fashion brand showing a rather skinny looking model. The image, Boing Boing claims, has been touched up in photoshop and today on the blog another picture was published showing how a graphic designer had “unworked” the advert to show […]

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