Indoor arctic marathon

Jordan Wylie PR

Jordan Wylie, the hunter from Channel 4’s Hunted, is raising money for Frontline Children by running the world’s first marathon in a CryoAction cryotherapy chamber at CryoLabs Poole. After he was unable to carry on his series of marathons in some of the world’s coldest places.

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Free cloud-based phone systems


CircleLoop has pledged to provide free business telephony to any school, healthcare provider or charity who is facing remote working challenges due to the outbreak of Coronavirus across the country.

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Watch the suffering in Haiti LIVE

Watch the devastation in Haiti on Google Earth, declared one tweet. Another told the world that those suffering from the earthquake were ‘reaching out to the world through social media.’ Everyone seemed so upset to see the destruction and suffering on Sky News, as they went about their daily business, but 24/7 news coverage and […]

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