#WordPress Plugin Semantically Analyses Posts for Keywords

If you don’t use WordPress then I suggest you don’t read any further as this is a HUGELY GEEKY post. ***WARNING*** I am testing a new WordPress plugin by Roger Stringer, which “Yahoo Query Language to perform semantic analysis of your post text and suggest tags for you.” I have written this post to test […]

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Spelling with Flickr (Thx @kastner)

This tool is a fun little Flickr gizmo to brighten up even the most dull of blogs… In fact this gadget’s use doesn’t have to stop with blogs, you can use it for presentations, print, or just for fun. The tool is available here and was designed by @kastner You can type in a phrase […]

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The Blog Paper, nearly a brilliant idea

The Blog Paper is a new online publication with a difference: it aims to print the best postings every month in a bona fide publication. It is very nearly a brilliant idea. I love its premise of taking the best content from the Blogosphere and turning it into a magazine. Some might say the concept […]

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Are you taking part in NaBloPoMo?

If you blog, have you joined NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month)? The idea is that during the month of November everyone who joins NaBloPoMo has to make at least one post every day during the month of November. Yes it is a bit prescriptive and I’m a believer in quality over quantity when it comes […]

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Not enough hours in a day to blog?

“Time and tide waits for no man,” so the saying goes, and nowhere are man hours more precious than in the world of work, where the management of seconds, minutes and hours has become a science. So the following guide is useful: – when encouraging clients to use social media – for consultancies trying to […]

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Should Journalists Blog?

We, on behalf of The Carphone Warehouse, are beginning to undertake a project to encourage journalists to blog. I’ve only been blogging for the past five months but have found the whole process very rewarding. Hopefully a few journalists will start blogging who never thought they would! They are better placed than me to come […]

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