Reasons to #SaveBBC6music

The BBC are going to scrap BBC 6 Music . I wake up to this station everyday at 6.30am, I cook to it, and generally love everything about it. Losing this radio station is, in my view, a disaster. Here are three reasons to save the station. 1 – BBC 6 Music is the broadcasting […]

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The Sunday Times. Links 15.11.09

Here are a few interesting stories from The Sunday Times (yes, Rupert, I did buy a copy). Tories to cut licence fee and niche BBC channels (it is interesting to see this position now that The Sun is backing The Conservatives. Has a deal beeb done?) Media law continues to make it easy for […]

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Question Time Censorship

My view is that we should let Mad Nick*, the far right nutter, appear on BBC’s Question Time. I might prove to be ill-informed, but I think censorship is pointless, even if Mad Nick’s views are abhorrent and disgusting. Let Mad Nick on Question Time and show himself up as the nutter he is. Hopefully […]

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Panorama vs Ryanair

An eye opening insight into Ryanair’s approach to Media Relations. The problem faced by Ryanair is that the company behaves like a challenger brand despite being the market leader.  That’s just plain arrogant.  In this email exchange it looks like Ryanair have gone the distance toe to toe with Panorama.  I’m saving my judgment until everyone has had […]

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Brucie has ‘done a Big Ron’, but Cowell profits from taking the mentally ill for a ride every week

Racism is wrong and maybe Brucie should be sacked for supporting the ‘Paki’ comment (s0mething he is now denying). Http:// However on the other side, ITV’s X-Factor, Simon Cowell takes the **** and generally profits from mentally ill ‘hopefuls’ who dream of becoming stars while clearly not being ‘very well in the head.’ So which do you […]

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BBC accused of bias over mayor’s Eastenders cameo

The BBC is today facing fresh accusations of bias for allowing Boris Johnson to make a guest appearance on Eastenders (The Times, 1 October)…  The reason for this accusation is that Red Ken was rejected the dubious honour when he was in the post as Mayor of London.  The poor old BBC is damned if […]

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Murdoch makes the BBC the battleground for the next election

James Murdoch has laid out the battleground for the next election with his criticism of the BBC. A controversial media tycoon, Murdoch and his family are seen as being over-powerful, and to some are real-life bond villains who are controlling an evil media empire.  In this context James Murdoch?s criticism of the BBC is going […]

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