Social Media Monitoring and Insights

Here at PR Agency One, social media monitoring and insights are a great strength, and we make sure to bring the same professionalism to your Facebook, Twitter & Google+ page management as we do liaising with bloggers and journalists to create your campaign.

Monitoring and measuring social media effectiveness

Through our social media monitoring, we help you listen to conversations throughout social media relevant to your brand, products, services, competitors and sector. Through influencer research and on-going social media monitoring, we are constantly adapting your social platforms to reflect the fundamental issues and sentiments, the influencers driving the conversations and what actions to take as a result.

Expert insights from social media monitoring 

Our team are experts in Google Analytics, Hootsuite and other measurement and monitoring tools. They can tell you how much traffic their social media campaign has driven to your website.

What is more they can tell you what people are saying about your business or industry online.

But our teams don’t simply regurgitate of the shelf reports or meaningless statistics, they delve deeper into the numbers and overlay numerous datasets to provide clients with a competitive advantage.

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