Tracking Reputation

Our Reputation Tracking tools allow organisations to understand their reputation and see how it evolves in relation to their own activities (PR, marketing, product launches, customer service etc.) as well as external factors (issues, major news stories, scandals and crises).

Reputation Tracking for Companies or Brands

We can track reputation for entire organisations or in relation to specific markets, products or services.  We are able to track across a number of the key attributes of good reputation as well as the emotional response and trust amongst key audiences.

We can provide retrospective analysis, looking at reputation trends going back five years.  This allows better understanding of how current reputation has been formed and also to assess the impact of previous events.

Reputation can also be compared to key competitors for against the sector as a whole, highlight areas of relative strength and weakness.  This helps identify areas of competitive advantage where organisations can develop reputation to give them a crucial edge.

We can also track reputation across multiple territories or in different languages to show international perceptions.  This can help organisations to understand how their reputation differs between countries and markets.

These insights enable organisations to make positive change, using our coaching and training services to adapt behaviour and corporate culture and our our communications strategy, stakeholder engagement and media relations, to improve external image and relationships.

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