Business Continuity Policy for PR Agency One

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In today’s dynamic business environment, operational resilience and service continuity are vital for upholding client confidence and achieving superior outcomes.

At PR Agency One, we prioritise a comprehensive Business Continuity Policy (BCP) that not only safeguards our operations but also ensures our unwavering dedication to meeting clients’ needs and surpassing their expectations. This document presents our strategy for business continuity and disaster recovery, tailored to meet the rigorous standards expected in our industry and commitments to operational excellence.


Renowned for our innovative strategies and exceptional client service, PR Agency One recognises the importance of being prepared and resilient. This policy aims to guarantee the maintenance or quick restoration of our key services in the face of disruptions, thus minimising impact on our clients and stakeholders.



We are committed to rigorous business continuity management, aimed at reinstating and assuring the continuation of our essential services during disruptions. This policy outlines our response to emergencies, support for partners, and the assurance of delivering critical services to our clients.

Aim and Objectives

Aim: To proactively identify risks, mitigate them, and maintain adaptable, tested plans to minimise disruption to our operations and client services.


  • Develop a strategic framework to maintain critical functions in emergencies.
  • Uncover potential vulnerabilities in our services and infrastructure.
  • Establish recovery priorities for corporate functions in case of disruptions.
  • Integrate risk management processes to improve preparedness.
  • Ensure departmental involvement in planning for consistent service continuity.
  • Implement training and regular plan testing with employees, suppliers, and partners.

Communication Plan

Effective communication underpins the success of our business continuity planning. This communication strategy ensures timely, accurate, and consistent information dissemination to all stakeholders during a disruption.

Key Elements:

  • Establishment of clear communication protocols for notifying internal and external stakeholders of a business disruption.
  • Allocation of communication responsibilities to designated spokespersons.
  • Regular updates across our digital platforms to inform on recovery progress.

Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)

RTOs provide clear timelines for restoring services, essential for managing expectations and directing recovery efforts efficiently.

Key Elements:

  • Identification of RTOs for all critical business functions.
  • Clear articulation of these objectives to all relevant staff and stakeholders.
  • Plans for temporary measures or workarounds to maintain operations within the acceptable downtime.

Methods and Standards

Adhering to industry best practices and standards, such as ISO 22301, our business continuity management arrangements are designed to be robust and effective, aiming for the highest industry benchmarks in crisis response and recovery.


Business continuity is a collective responsibility at PR Agency One. While led by the leadership team, every employee plays a crucial role. Department heads will designate a representative for business continuity within their teams, ensuring company-wide engagement in our resilience strategy.


The plan includes a comprehensive understanding of corporate risks, with regular reviews to align with the latest assessments of potential adverse events. Any significant operational changes will prompt an immediate review of the business continuity plan.

Contract Implementation Requirements:

  • Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Arrangements: We commit to providing robust Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery arrangements for all services, affirming our resilience and dependability.
  • Evidence Provision: We will supply sufficient evidence to demonstrate that these plans are both established and effective, ensuring our capability to meet high standards of reliability and transparency.
  • Regular Testing: All contingency arrangements will be regularly tested. Outcomes and pertinent evidence from these tests will be systematically recorded and reviewed to ensure continuous efficacy and improvement.
  • Incident Notification: We will promptly notify relevant parties in the event of a business continuity incident or significant disaster, guaranteeing swift actions towards resolution and mitigation.

Training and Exercises

Continuous training and exercises are essential for validating the effectiveness of our business continuity plan, enhancing our ability to respond to and recover from disruptions.

Post-Incident Review Process

A methodical review following incidents or disruptions is critical for refining our business continuity strategies.

Key Elements:

  • A structured debriefing session after any business continuity incident or drill.
  • Detailed documentation of the response, challenges encountered, and lessons learned.
  • A formalised process for integrating these insights into the ongoing development of our BCP.

Review and Revision

This policy and the accompanying plan will undergo annual reviews and revisions in light of significant operational changes, exercises, or real-life incidents. These revisions will ensure our business continuity planning remains robust and responsive to the evolving business landscape.

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