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Choosing a podcast production agency is an important decision and finding the right partner is key. Podcasting is an exciting way to start a conversation, hear new takes on topical subjects and interview interesting voices within a community. It allows you to engage an industry and create conversation around a topic you’re passionate about.

It’s also a great way to communicate key messages to an interested audience, and generate media coverage based on your content. We can help with planning, creating and marketing thought-provoking podcasts to build brand awareness, reach specific audiences and show off areas of expertise.

It is important to not just find a partner that can produce your podcast, but you also need a PR and social media agency that can promote your podcast too.  Without good PR behind a podcast to promote it, an expensive production might have a very small and limited audience.  A podcast needs a good angle which can be used to promote its content.

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Podcast production can range in cost and quality. Our team are trained radio producers who have turned their hand to podcasts, they know how to plan, edit and produce great podcast content.

The podcast’s quality will vary depending on the subject of the podcast and the guests who are invited onto the podcast. The more famous or relevant the podcast guest the more subscribers and listeners a podcast will receive. Guests might be highly relevant influencers or celebrities who are famous in their own right.

PR Agency One has lots of experience in producing and promoting podcasts, so get in touch.


The popularity of podcasts has created a medium which rivals traditional media forms, like TV and radio, in terms of PR power. Podcasts are an opportunity for brands to position themselves as authorities within their niche and boost exposure and reputation. Anyone can record and upload a podcast, meaning they bypass media gatekeepers and can be about any topic the maker chooses.

Podcasts can generate news of their own and make headlines. When a guest says something shocking, insightful or of public interest, we can amplify it to the mainstream media, using our media relations skills, and gain awareness in mainstream and more traditional media, boosting awareness of the podcast and of the brand.

It is easier to cut through the noise with podcasting than other mediums – there are 500 million blogs on the internet and more than 31 million YouTube channels, whereas there are only 850,000 active podcasts. Producing a good podcast gives your brand a platform for its own voice to be heard. Chances are there is a niche for you and your brand to fill.


Podcasts can boost brand awareness in a number of ways. They can create a space for a business or brand to show off their area of expertise, they can be based on a topic which aligns the business’ values, or a brand can sponsor someone else’s creativity in return for their name being featured.

Whichever technique you go for, podcasts are an opportunity for businesses to communicate targeted messages to their customers in a way that is easy to consume, intimate and engaging.


To launch a successful podcast, businesses must fill a niche and have something genuinely interesting to say. We can advise on planning interesting content which aligns to your business aims and values, whilst being simultaneously engaging for listeners with the potential to generate new leads. As podcasts stay online, they need a careful mixture of evergreen topics and discussions about what’s hot right now, so they suit for people listening on release and those who listen retrospectively.

Once you have settled on a topic, start to look at guests to feature on the podcast. Our team is experienced in booking influential podcast guests and working with talent management agencies, who are an asset to any podcast. They can be insightful and exciting for audiences to listen to, they will help gain more exposure for the podcast and they are also likely to pique media attention.

When it comes to recording and editing, anyone with a phone and basic audio software can produce a podcast. However, podcasts of higher quality and sophistication perform best and will gain more trust, so it is best to let the professionals do this for you.


Podcasts can be promoted via PR and on social media, which is especially useful if you have a celebrity guest with a large following. Preparing content for guests to share makes it easy for them to tell their fans about the podcast they feature in and the business behind it.

Sharing the podcast in creative ways on the brand’s own social media is another excellent way to market it. Sharing rich soundbites from episodes, as well as pull quotes, images and teasers on social media will spark enthusiasm from potential audiences and attract them to the podcast.

We support podcast launches by creating a buzz and press materials on newsworthy topics to be shared with relevant journalists for media coverage.

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