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Measuring return on investment has sometimes been elusive in the PR industry. That is why we take PR measurement seriously. And we have the awards to prove it.

For too long, the PR industry has provided poor evaluation services, often measuring their performance by comparing media coverage to the cost of placing an advert (AVE) – but this approach is meaningless, and nothing a business invests in should be unaccountable.

If you take results seriously, then you need to work with an award-winning PR team that has a proven ability to track the tangible impact of investment in PR.

PR Agency One has an award-winning proprietary evaluation system, OneEval, which uses a combination of internationally-recognised PR metrics – including the AMEC framework – but also incorporates new digital metrics to measure ROI and reputation.

Proprietary PR Measurement Tools

This approach to measuring PR, reputation and lead generation has scooped numerous awards, including Best Use of Evaluation at the PR Moment Awards.

We have the tools to evaluate even the most difficult campaigns – so get in touch to find out why what we do is so different.

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