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We have extensive experience of managing serious crisis PR situations, ranging from the very run-of-the-mill day-to-day issues that just need expert handling by a communications expert, to those existential nightmares which seemed so unlikely and nightmarish that one has to suspend one’s disbelief. We have been at the forefront of crisis and issues management for decades.  Just when you think you have seen it all…

We work with our clients to protect their reputations online, monitoring and engaging directly where necessary.

Our clients rely on us to anticipate potential crises, develop and test crisis scenarios and create crisis communications tools.

What is issues management and crisis PR?

Issues management is a systematic approach to identifying, analysing, responding to and monitoring issues that could impact an organisations reputation and stakeholders. It involves developing a strategy for managing issues before they become a crisis, as well as providing guidance on how to handle issues when they arise. Issues management combines proactive and reactive strategies, utilising both traditional PR tactics as well as digital channels, to effectively manage issues and crisis situations.

At PR Agency One, our team of experienced PR professionals can help you develop an issues management strategy that will protect your reputation and ensure it remains in a positive light no matter what issues arise. With decades of PR knowhow and experience in issues management and crisis PR, we can provide you with practical advice, tailored solutions and effective communication strategies to help address issues quickly and effectively.

From media relations to strategic communications planning, PR Agency One can help you develop the best issues management strategy for your organisation. We understand the important role that issues management plays in protecting your reputation and stakeholders, and strive to ensure your issues are managed expertly and effectively.

An agency that protects your reputation from objective risk

The most common risks that a brand might face in crisis PR include issues related to product or service quality and safety, customer complaints, negative financial news, employee misconduct, social media issues, data breaches and cyber security issues, environmental issues, legal issues, and political issues.

Product or service quality issues can emerge due to technical flaws or issues with the design, manufacture or delivery of goods and services. Customer complaints can occur when customers are dissatisfied with a product or service, or an experience with a brand. Negative financial news can arise from issues such as poor earnings performance, lost market share and decreased profits.

Employee misconduct often includes issues related to illegal activities, harassment, discrimination or lack of professionalism. Social media issues can arise from customer complaints, inaccurate or offensive content, or issues related to the use of social networks by employees. Data breaches and cybersecurity issues are becoming increasingly common, while environmental issues could include issues related to pollution or resource usage. Legal issues could be related to non-compliance with laws and regulations, while political issues may arise from issues such as lobbying or the involvement of influential figures.

Crisis and issues training and process development

We specialise in training, helping our clients to handle hostile media and diffusing potential issues before they turn into crisis situations.

Our training is bespoke and designed for your brand and their own challenges, but a course might cover:

– How to Identify and Prepare for a PR crisis

– Strategies for Effective Crisis Communication

– Understanding the Legal Landscape in Relation to PR Crises

– Techniques For Crafting Compelling Messages in a crisis Situation

– Managing Media Outreach During a Crisis Event

– The Role of Social Media in Responding to Issues Management & Crisis PR

– Best Practices for Effective Crisis Management

– Building crisis PR Resilience.

24/7 Crisis Communications

If clients find themselves in the middle of a crisis, our specialist team works on their behalf 24/7.

Our expertise includes working alongside brands big and small in the financial and professional services, technology, healthcare, retail, consumer brands and technology sectors.

We have a wealth of case studies and references for our crisis and issues work, which are all available upon request. Our senior team have handled product recalls, major incidents and even responses to terrorist attacks. And while no two crises are the same, how you prepare for them should be robust and systematic.

Find out more about our crisis and issues management, please fill out our Contact Us form or call on:

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