Crisis and Issues Support

We have extensive experience of managing serious crisis situations, ranging from product failures to Government investigations and employee or shareholder litigation. We have been at the forefront of crisis and issues management for decades.

We work with our clients to protect their reputations online, monitoring and engaging directly where necessary.

Our clients rely on us to anticipate potential crises, develop and test crisis scenarios and create crisis communications tools.

Crisis and issues training and process development

We specialise in training, helping our clients to handle hostile media and diffusing potential issues before they turn into crisis situations.

If clients find themselves in the middle of a crisis, our specialist team works on their behalf 24/7.

Our expertise includes working alongside brands big and small in the financial and professional services, technology, healthcare, retail, consumer brands and technology sectors.

We have a wealth of case studies and references for our crisis and issues work, which are all available upon request. Our senior team have handled product recalls, major incidents and even responses to terrorist attacks. And while no two crises are the same, how you prepare for them should be robust and systematic.

Find out more about our crisis and issues management and call James Crawford on 0161 871 9140

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